The Endeavor Story

Rob Mead, founder of Endeavor, has been a trusted fund manager with a strong track record of outperformance for many years. Rob first joined the investment community in 1996 as an Investment Advisor at Macquarie Bank. Rob’s philosophy has always been that the best way to achieve outperformance of the market is to invest in great people running good growth companies. Part of Rob’s drive in founding Endeavor was his belief that that many fund managers (even the smaller ones) were becoming too institutionalised and losing touch with their client goals. Rob saw this as an opportunity to launch a specialist boutique investment firm, Endeavor, in 2010.

The style of service we offer at Endeavor is separate and distinct from the offering of most funds managers. Our approach is to first define our clients’ goals and then get on with delivering returns that lead to better financial and life outcomes. We believe our more unique and personalised approach to managing their funds helps to set us apart from many others.

11 years into the journey and Endeavor remains dedicated to our clients and committed to providing above-average returns through smart and careful investing.

We invest in good businesses run by great people

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Our Values

Endeavor is an Australian company and is 100% owned by it’s staff. We are here to serve our clients by managing and growing their wealth. To us, performance and integrity matter more than growing our customer base. We pride ourselves on our boutique and premium offering which is what makes us different.

Our highly experienced team treat each other and those around them with the utmost of respect. We believe that good results are only achieved by ‘getting out of the office’ and doing the hard work. As part of our professional development, we encourage mentorship and giving back to the community.

ALL of our staff invest in our portfolios alongside clients, on the same terms.

Our Clients

Our clients entrust us to look after their investments and we honour this with respect, openness [via direct access to all members of the team], high portfolio visibility and honesty. We place the interests of our clients at the centre of everything we do.


Client service is our number 1 priority and delivering outperformance has enabled us to maintain close to 100% retention rate with average client terms at Endeavor (including Rob’s existing time at Macquarie and JM Financial group) at over 14 + years.

Governance and Process

We believe that strong governance, compliance and a disciplined process leads to better outcomes. While we never stop learning - the investment team continuously measures and reviews fund performance to ensure our clients are getting the best possible returns.  We also invest strongly in our governance and compliance systems which are best in class and are audited annually.


We have an open-door policy and keep clients informed through meetings, phone calls, newsletters and annual reviews. Building on our Perth Office opening in December 2016 going forward we are looking to conduct more client events.

Thank You

Without our clients we don't have a business and only with their ongoing support and referrals have we been able to grow, strengthen and expand the resources at Endeavor. This has created an even stronger business which is extremely well set up to continue to deliver great returns for all of our stakeholders today and into the future.